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Professional Development

Kodo’s Professional Development program was developed as a part of our overall vision and commitment to supporting continuous quality improvement (CQI) in early childhood programs. Our sessions help educators recognize, create opportunities for, and implement thoughtful facilitation of children’s learning.

professional development

Kodo’s In-Person PD services provide half-day or full-day sessions that can be customized to meet each program’s needs, curriculum, and assessment tools. Flexible scheduling and expertise available with a Kodo Certified Trainer.

professional development

To supplement our team of on-site certified trainers, Virtual Learning offers a unique offering of online training. With flexibility through asynchronous offerings and access to a Kodo Certified Trainer, users receive a unique offering unlike any other online training systems. 

professional development and product bundle

A package focused on providing hands-on training for educators with a specialized kit of materials to support immediate implementation in the classroom. These kits provide educators with the tools to add depth and value to children’s learning.

hear from experience

At Kodo we pride ourselves with the feedback from past PD sessions. We are proud to say our feedback speaks for itself about our quality and overall approach to adult learning.

Kimberly Thai, Regional Education Coordinator, Bright Horizons

I loved the Kodo Kids trainings on STEM! I learned to think about STEM as a way of thinking and encouraging problem solving in the children I work with. We had a wonderful trainer, full of thought provoking anecdotes that really got me thinking. Her style was approachable and engaging. Everyone in my organization is buzzing about these trainings and left feeling inspired to teach STEM!

Kathy Smith-Aiello

If you want to bring some new STEM excitement into your classroom, be sure to take the classes and trainings that are offered. I came away with new ideas and feel more competent for having taken the training.

jasmine Boster, Program Director, University of Michigan Towsley Children’s House

I am happy to share that our experience with Kodo has been excellent. We learned a great deal from the professional development training that we experienced. Specifically, the training helped us learn better strategies to edit our environment in a way that best encourages children’s engagement. We also love the materials! Children never grow tired of playing with the variety of Kodo loose parts!

Michelle Zemlicka, President & Center Director, Lily Pad Early Learning Center, Inc.

The Kodo Learnupon program is not only educational, but fun and easy to use. It provides a platform that fits into any busy teacher schedule. The information is relevant, up to date and easy to apply to any classroom setting.

Kodo’s Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ are aligned with and strengthen Classroom Organization and Instructional Support strategies addressed in the CLASS™. These practical strategies support the responsive facilitation of children’s learning through investigative open-ended play. Kodo’s Investigation-Based Teaching Practices™ help educators recognize and establish habits of thoughtful responsive facilitation.

Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ are founded on the following concepts:

    Learning Approaches

    1. Deepen learning through reflective practice for adult and children

    2. Focus on process, in addition to outcomes

    3. Model design thinking and ideation

    4. Embrace mistakes, failures, and constraints as opportunities


    5. Provide intriguing open-ended materials, tools, and loose parts

    6. Adapt the learning environment, materials, and schedule to be responsive and relevant to children’s interests and investigations

    Adult Child Interaction

    7. Practice followership of child-initiated investigation

    8. Practice responsive teacher facilitation & provocations

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